Dear Fellow Film Makers,

During our time at the Windsor Apartment Complex located across from Universal Studios, our experience was one of complete professionalism combined with a film friendly atmosphere that is not easily found inside of many corporate structures around Los Angeles! From the "decision makers", to their in-house management and staff, this was an effortless affair every step of the way. When looking for an Apartment/ Condo type location to film in, be sure and do yourselves a favor and visit Katie Seymour and the rest of the extraordinary group at The Windsor Communities. You'll be missing out on a real gem if you don't!

Kindest regards to all,

David A. Foster
Location Manager
ABC Studios
"Desperate Housewives"

Dear Katie,

I am delighted to hear that Windsor Communities will be launching its new website tailored to encouraging filming on their properties. We filmed two separate episodes of our show, "NCIS: Los Angeles" at Renaissance Towers and sunset + vine. Both occasions were a pleasure. We staged a very large-scale production at Renaissance Towers including a complicated stunt sequence requiring extensive rigging and it went off without a hitch. The onsite team with Windsor Communities was professional, efficient, and readily available to assist with all of our needs for the production. With their Class A properties throughout Los Angeles and their dedication to keeping us on our production schedule, I look forward to future productions at Windsor Communities.


Tony Salome
Location Manager
"NCIS: Los Angeles"